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Front End

The front nose trim is different for every year Corvair.
Some things didn't change:

  • Bumpers- All the same for the front
  • Bumper Guards- Optional for all years.
  • Windshield- All the same except for wagons. They have their own.
    • Windshields were clear although a shaded windshield was an option for all years and models.
    • 1960-62 the glass was laminated.
    • 1963-64 the glass was tempered.
  • Windshield trim- Stainless was used on 700's and Monza's only, all others (500's models got just rubber).
  • Belt stainless trim was used on the trunk and front fenders on 700's models only.
  • Front Parking light lenses are right and left.
  • Front Parking light lenses are identical for all early years except the lens is clear for 1960-1962 and amber for 1963-1964.


  • No crease on 1960 center of trunk lid.
  • Concave front panel.
  • Headlight Bezels the same on both sides. (Also used on FC’s)
  • Note the lack of windshield trim because it is a 500 model.
  • Parking lights are clear. The lens are right and left.

1960 700 Front View


  • Front panel points out to more trunk space.
  • New Nose trim piece.
  • Crease down center of trunk lid.
  • New Headlight Bezels design. Right and left are different.
  • Note the windshield trim because it is a 700 model.
  • Note the belt stainless trim on the trunk lid edge and fenders because this is a 700 model.

1961 700 Front View


  • New 3 piece die casting nose trim.

1962 Monza 900 Front ViewFIXME


  • New 1 stainless nose trim.
  • “Corvair” Emblem. (1 year only!!)
  • Headlight Bezels now had black trim. Right and left are still different.
  • First year of amber parking lights.
  • Notice the Bumper Guards.

1963 Monza 900 Front View


  • New nose trim.
  • Lettering on trunk lid.

1964 Monza 900 Front View

Headlight Bezels

  • 1961-64 are left and right.
  • 1961-64 are the same except for the painted trim.
    • 1961-62 have no paint or possibly some silver.
    • 1963-64 have black trim.

Headlight bezel 1960 Headlight bezel 1961-64

Windshield Wiper Arms

Originally two different wiper arms were used

  • Trico
  • Anco.

Need pictures!FIXME

Bumper Guards

  • Optional for models and all years.
  • Front and rear are the same although they are left and right.
  • They look similar to the FC guards but are not the same.

Front Bumper Guards

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