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Tim's Corvair Early Model (1960-64) Guide To Differences

This Wiki comes from a Tech session I was volunteered for at the 2010 Great Plains Roundup in Tulsa. The original intent of the presentation was to provide some visual guidance (lots of pictures) to those trying to make their car at least look original.
I believe a lot cars ending up with a grab bang of different years parts is not deliberate. It's out ignorance of what the car came with. There just isn't anything out there that does a very good job telling what it should have and more importantly has pictures to actually show you!

The layout is based on the 1961 Shop Manual.

This is not complete and may have errors. There are a few things here that I haven't seen written anywhere (not that I have read everything).
This is a work in progress!!!

01 General Information

03 Suspension

04 Steering

05 Brakes

06 Power Train

06A Engine

06B Clutch

06C Rear Axle (Differential)

06D Transmission - Manual

06E Transmission - Automatic

07 Engine Tune-up

08 Electrical Systems

09 Fuel and Exhaust Systems

10 Body

Exterior Front of Vehicle

Exterior Rear of Vehicle

Exterior Side of Vehicle


11 Accessories

12 Specifications

Tools (J- Tools)

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