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   * [[http://​​|DIY Tech Shop-]] Plans and parts. ​   * [[http://​​|DIY Tech Shop-]] Plans and parts. ​
 ====== 3D Scanner ====== ====== 3D Scanner ======
 +  * [[http://​​|FreeLSS- ]]FreeLSS is a free as in open source, open hardware, and open electronic design 3D printable turn table laser scanning platform based on the Raspberry Pi.
   * [[http://​​user_manual/​getting_started|Davis 3D Scanning- ]]Software has possibilities.   * [[http://​​user_manual/​getting_started|Davis 3D Scanning- ]]Software has possibilities.
   * [[https://​​news/​technology-news/​9810-horus-3d-open-source-scanner.html|3d open source scanner-]] Interesting.   * [[https://​​news/​technology-news/​9810-horus-3d-open-source-scanner.html|3d open source scanner-]] Interesting.
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