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Cushman Minute Misers

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These are pictures of recent purchase of two Minute Misers at a recent auction.

  1. 1986 model 898328- The one with black instrument panel.
  2. The older one has name tag is missing- No black instrument panel.
Some common things:
  1. They both Hobbs hour meters.
  2. They both the optional horn.
  3. The both don't have motor controllers. They use a rheostat to vary the motor speed.
  4. The older one has the remains of the optional headlight. The 1986 has the remains of a mount of some sort.
There are many differences between the two:
  1. The 1986 has rear drum brakes. The other has a single rear brake band.
  2. The 1986 doesn't have a top piece on the metal seat back.
  3. The 1986 has Dash/charger station. The other doesn't.
  4. The 1986 uses plywood for the cargo space bottom. The other is metal.
  5. The construction between the battery box under the seat and motor/cargo sections are very different.
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