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World War 2 Navy Bomb and Torpedo Skid MK. 6 (Tracked Bomb Cart)

These are pictures of a World War 2 Navy tracked bomb cart that I had seen for several years at a local show but had not photographed or talked to the owner. I did both this year.

The owners found it at a farm auction. It was covered in mud and dirt. They did not know what it was but it was interesting enough for them to pay $7 for it. Only after cleaning it did they find the navy tag and through some research what it was. They did contact the company (Grey Iron Casting Company) that originally made them to get more information on them, but they were one of those civilian company's that were called on to make war goods so they only knew they made them. Before the war the company made toy soldiers and banks and maybe other stuff. They kept no drawings or anything else on them.

They bring it out to shows because it so interesting. It is not for for sale in spite of being offered thousands for it. They consider it a family heirloom.

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