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by Tim Palmer. Green Country Corvair Group

Many Corvair owners do their own work on their Corvairs. The amount of work varies from just routine maintenance to a full blown restoration. Often they want information but don't where to get it. Below is what I recommend. These manuals are available from most all the Corvair vendors.

  1. GM Shop Manual- This is by far the best source of information. Since GM didn't publish a full manual each year usually 2 manuals are required. If you have a 65-69 you will want a Body Service Manual also.
  2. Owner's Manual- This contains all kinds of interesting information on routine maintenance and usage. Reproductions are available for all the cars. Unfortunately, reproductions are not yet available for the trucks. (Any one got one for a 61 truck).
  3. CORSA Tech Guide- This manual contains the largest group of tech tips and general information available. It is also available directly from CORSA. The only thing bad about the manual is that not updates have come out since it was published several years ago.
  4. GM Assembly Manual- If you are planning to restore a Corvair this is a must. It shows pictures and gives details that cannot be found anywhere else. The manuals are different for each year with a separate manual for the trucks.
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