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 +====== Silicone Brake Fluid ======
 +**By Tim Palmer**
 +I have found another local source of silicone brake fluid. Bumper to Bumper carries //Fade Free// brand. A 12 ounce can is less than $8. Expensive, but worth it.
 +Most of us who have cars we want to keep for a long time use silicone brake fluid because it does not absorb moisture like conventional brake fluid. Plus silicone carries a DOT temperature rating of 5 compared to 3 for regular brake fluid.
 +TIP: If you replace the regular brake fluid with silicone, you should tag the master cylinder with "​**FILL ONLY WITH SILICONE BRAKE FLUID**"​. Regular brake fluid and silicone brake fluid should never be mixed. The tag should protect you from your own selective recall.
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