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Loose Screws

By Tim Palmer, Green Country Corvair Group, November 1989 Rear View

Has your Corvair cut-out and generally acted strange and you couldn't figure out why? There are lots of possibilities, here are few that aren't in shop manual. Tighten the carburetor top screws. With age these have a tendency to loosen. I check every time I do a tune-up. While you have your screw driver out also tighten the fuel pump screws. If these become loose the fuel pump may suck air and starve the engine at times. Tune-up time is also a good time to inspect the fuel hoses at the tank and at the fire wall. With age these can become cracked causing the fuel pump to again starve. Check all the vacuum hoses, especially the one's at the carburetor base for the balance tube. Corvairs are very hard hoses due to high temperatures under the hood. Also for a time several years ago it seemed that even new hoses did not last very well. My guess is there was some kind of manufacturing problem. The hoses I have purchased of late seem to be holding up well. Beware of purchasing hoses or any other rubber product which has a white residue on the surface. We have that this is a sign it's life will be extremely short. I hope these few tips will help you keep your Corvair running smoothly as they were intended.

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