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More On Corvair 3.08 Axle Ratio

By Tim Palmer and Larry Claypool

In last month’s newsletter I mentioned the existence of the 3.08 axle ratio in 1963, but said I didn’t know very much about it. Since then I have received a letter from Larry Claypool with additional information. The 3.08 was introduced as standard equipment on 1963 102hp cars with 4-speed. It wasn’t used with any of the other transmissions, but was available in positraction form at extra cost. For those of you looking for one, the case code is HN and HP for the positraction version. Production was withdrawn early in the run.

Larry mentions he has several of the differentials, but only one was in a car. The car was a Willow Run job with a serial number around 1,100.

Car Life did a road test of a ‘63 Monza convertible with this combination and found top speed slightly less than the ’62 model with 3.27 gears. The 3.08 was apparently a little too steep for the 145cid motor.

Larry had a set of 3.08 rears in a late convertible with a 180 turbo and 1961 early FC 4-speed (4.26 first gear). He reports it was a nice set-up - that the truck transmission gave decent low end driveability, and that the 3.08/turbo combo really cooked on the highway!

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