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by Tim Palmer

I recently had to replace several PCV hose on my Rampside. I noticed some existing hoses I had put on were not the proper size. I then decided that it was time for me to do some research and find out what the proper sizes are so I could keep a stock of the hose sizes I actually use. The table below is the results. It may or may not be complete. If you have any addition or corrections please let me know.

I did discover two rules of thumb. PCV and vacuum hoses are 1/32“ smaller than the outside diameter of the barb the fit on. With a few exceptions the PCV and vacuum hoses do not use clamps. If the proper size is used I have found they fit very well. For fuel hoses the hose's size is the same as the outside diameter of the steel line and always have clamps.


VACUUM 5/32” Distributor to carb. Carburetor to choke pull off. Balance tube to PG modulator.
VACUUM 7/32“ Turbo choke tube to carb. choke.
VACUUM 9/32” 61-63 and 64-65 w/CAC, PCV tube to air cleaner.
VACUUM 11/32“ 61-63 and 64-65 w/CAC, Balance tube to PCV valve. 64 exc/ CAC, Balance tube to PCV orfice.
VACUUM 15/32” 61-63 and 64-65 w/CAC, PCV valve to tube. Balance tube to head.
FUEL 1/2“ Filler vent.
FUEL 5/16” Fuel tank to main line. Main line to engine line.
FUEL 1-3/8“ Filler tube.
DUCT 2” Defroster (w/gas), Box to defroster outlet.
DUCT 2-1/2“ Defroster (w/air), Box to defroster outlet.
DUCT 3” Warm air (61-64), Engine to heater fan.
DUCT 4“ Heater, Engine to heater fan box.
INTAKE MANIFOLD 2-1/8” Intake manifold, Turbo to crossover tube.
OIL 5/8“ Turbo oil drain to passenger side head.
WINDSHIELD WASHER 5/32” All Washer pump to nozzle. FC bottle to washer pump.
WINDSHIELD WASHER 7/32“ All except FC. Tank to washer pump.
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