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By Tim Palmer

Early model Corvairs and 61-63 F.C.'s use the same type of turn signal mechanism. Basically all of the mechanical parts are up by the steering wheel and the actual switch is a foot or two on down the steering column. This switch is connected to the mechanical part with a sheathed cable.

The most common problem the turning signal is that it doesn't come on every time it is called for. The problem could be the switch which is still available last I heard, but most likely is just a dirty switch contact. To clean the switch it must be removed. This is the procedure:

  1. Remove the battery cables.
  2. Pull off the large connector attached to the switch in top. A small screwdriver can sometimes help. This connector is usually on very tight.
  3. Remove the two 5/16“ screws holding the switch to the steering column.
  4. Loosen the screw holding the sheathed cable from the mechanical part near the steering wheel.
  5. Push down on the little clip holding the cable.
  6. Remove the switch from the car or truck. It should have already fell down.
  7. Spray the switch with WD-40 or turner cleaner around the slider on the switch. Work the slider back and forth to help clean years of dirt and scum off the switch. Wipe the switch off good so you do not get cleaner on your upholstery.
  8. Stick the cable back in the little clip.
  9. Install the two 5/16” screws holding the switch.
  10. Install the electrical connector. Remember to check it to see if it needs to be cleaned.
  11. Reconnect the battery cables.
  12. See if it worked.

Another common problem involves the mechanical part of the turning signal. It's symptom is a loose feeling turn signal lever. The reason it feels loose is because it is loose, or at least the part it screws into is. Within the turning signal mechanism is pivot for the whole thing to swing. The pivot is basically a long screw with a shoulder. This frequently becomes loose over time. The procedure to tighten the screw is as follows:

  1. Remove the battery cables. (to prevent horn from going blowing.)
  2. Remove the steering wheel. A puller is usually required.
  3. The screw should be visible on the left. It is just a slotted panhead screw. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver.
  4. Put back the steering wheel. Remember to line up the marks.
  5. See if it feels better.

If the screw repeatedly loosens and requires re-tightening, you may want to put some LOCTITE type product on the threads to help hold it. Do not put any on the shaft.

There are other problems with the turning signals but this should cover 90% of the problems.

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