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A Study Of Early Model Generators

Compiled by Tim Palmer, Green Country Corvair Group

Having recently come across some NOS rebuilt generators and needing one for my brother's Greenbriar project. I set out to understand what GM was doing with the generators. The following table was generated from parts books, assembly manuals and my barn of parts out back. This is not the last word on generator numbers as you see, there are gaps in table. Also GM did not always update the assembly manuals or parts books as well as they should have.

To aid in identification the armature's part number is stamped on it. Also all true Corvair armatures us a left hand nut to hold on the fan. This is not true for the alternators.

  • 1960- Shorter then the later generator so the armature and fields are different.
  • 1961-63- Basically we have two generators, one with terminals pointing up and one pointing back so the engine cover in the FC's and wagons have more clearance.
  • 1964- GM figured out they could use the generator terminals pointing back for all the vehicles and added 5 more amps capacity by the use of a different armature.
  • 1105135- Optional low speed cut-in generator was available 61-64 and apparently did not share anything with any of the other generators. This generator is considered quite rare and I think I can remember seeing one once at a national.
  • 1102247 (16-U)- is a GM universal rebuilt replacement. From the one's we have still in the box they appear to be like the 1102227 except they have stickers instead of metal tags. Also GM painted the end frames black, which looks awful.

The 1951434 end frame is drilled for both generators but has only one mounting pin. Part numbers or casting numbers do not seem to be on the end frames. I have not finished my research on pulleys but one thing has come out. Early HI performance and Turbos used a different pulley then the standard Corvair. I'm not sure why.

The exploded picture of a generator is one you won't see in the regular GM Corvair parts book. It comes from the illustration book. You might want to copy it and put in your parts book.

Generator Exploded view

Generator ID Tag Numbers

Generator TagCorrect for:AmpsDescriptionRegulator^
1100357 60 all. 30 Terminals point up.
Not as long as others.
1102226 61-63 all except trucks and wagons. 30 Terminals point up. 1119001
1102227 61-63 trucks and wagons only. 30 Terminals point to rear of car. 1119001
1102247 (16-U) 60-64 all. Replacement part. 35 Terminals point to rear of car.  
1102336 64 all. 35 Terminals point to rear of car. 1119305
1105135 60-64 optional for all. 35 Multiple part fan and pulley.
Optional low speed cut-in.
60-61 1119635,
62-64 1119604

^ Regulator 1119261 was used as a general replacement part for 60-63, except with generator 1102336, 1105135.
^ Regulator 1119635 was used as a general replacement part for generator 1105135.

Generator Parts Interchange

1100357 1948086 1946117 1945332 1933933
1102226 1952301 1945260 1945332 1933933
1102227 1952301 1945260 1951438 1951434
1102247 (16-U)        
1102336 1958598 1945260 1951438 1951434
1105135 1950521 1950516 RH, 1950517 LH 1950519 1950510

Generator Pulleys Applications

YEARStandard EngineHigh Performance or TurboOptional Low Cut in Generator (1105135)
60 to early 61 6255811   1922950-fan, 1931102-pulley w/guard
61 3789839 3798280 1922950-fan, 1877887-spacer, 1949357-pulley
62 3789839 3798280 1922950-fan, 1877887-spacer, 1949357-pulley
63 3789839 3798280 1922950-fan, 1877887-spacer, 1949357-pulley
64 3848042 3848042 1922950-fan, 1877887-spacer, 1949357-pulley
65-69 3856602 3856602 Not available

Generator Pulley Notes

PULLEY Diameter Width Notes:
6255811 2-9/32“ 3/8” Used on 60. Except with generator 1105135.
3789839 2-9/32“ 3/8” Used on 61-63 without high performance or turbo. Except with generator 1105135.
3798280 2-7/8“ 3/8” Has guard. Used on 61-63 with high performance or turbo. Except with generator 1105135.
3848042 2-7/8“ 3/8” Has large guard. Generator can not be mounted with the pulley on. Used on all 64. Except with generator 1105135.
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