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Corvair FC Bucket Seat

By Tim Palmer

This is a front view of a genuine Corvair FC drivers side front bucket seat. These were only used on the Corvans. They are just a shortened version of the full width seat. Interestingly the seat tracks are the same as the full seat except only one side locks down!.
This a side view from the door side. Note how it follows the fender well. While digging this out of the salvage we did find one passenger side seat that was in bad shape. It had several notable features. It was not adjustable. It was narrower. Mostly it was really ugly!!!
Bucket seat side view from the middle.
Bucket Seat back view.
Bucket seat Back View with the back folded down.
Bucket seat bottom view of middle inside.

What I going to do with the seats ( I have two drivers sides)

I want to solve several problem:

  1. With original seat in a Corvair Rampside you have to have both doors open to fold the seat back down.
  2. No center arm rest.
  3. No cup holder.
  4. No headrest.

My plan to solve this problems is modify a bench seat to use the bucket seat back and add a modern functioning fold down (so I can transport 3 people in a pinch) arm rest with cup holder and storage. I plan to add to the bucket seat backs a fixed headrest

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