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Tech Sessions-Door Hinges

By Tim Palmer, Green Country Corvair Group, March 1999 Rear View

The March tech session was held at Jim Barry's house. The weather was great. Who ever ordered it, thanks a lot. Attendance was great! Jim was a very good host with coffee and donuts. Thanks to Jim.

The tech session was on changing the door hinge bushings on Jim's 62 coupe. When we were done, Jim's door no longer sagged like a old car and the door closed very nicely. This small inexpensive repair makes a big difference in how the car feels. We learned a few tips you might use when you change your door bushings.

  • Use the right tools. A socket with the proper size phillips bit is available from Sears. Note: Not all Corvairs use phillips screws. Check yours.
  • Be prepared to paint the hinges and the door area behind the hinges. The factory paint job and any other paint job can't get in there without removing the door and it's hinges.
  • Pack the center section of the hinge (the area between bushing) with waterproof grease to prevent moisture build up and consequently rust.
  • On early models place a rag over the defroster hose opening the prevent the hinge bolts from falling down the hole.
  • Cover the door edges with masking tape the prevent paint chipping.
  • Get a helper! The job is much easier with two people

The question was brought up on what hinges interchange with what doors. I did a little research in the parts book and came up with the following chart:

60-64 R.H. 4848384 4848386 4848398 6282643 5716449
60-64 L.H. 4848385 4848387 4848399 6282643 5716449
65-66 R.H. 4470379 4471512 4470462 4465412 5716449
65-66 L.H. 4470379 4471513 4470463 4465412 5716449
67 L.H. 7677805 7642780 7642735 7642737 5716449
67 R.H. 7677806 7642781 7642736 7642737 5716449
68-69 L.H. 7677805 7722198     9713173 upper
9715454 lower
68-69 R.H. 7677806 7722199     9713173 upper
9715454 lower
61-65 FC 3813657 3813653     3718497
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