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by Tim Palmer, Green Country Corvair Group

Having recently put a quartz movement in the clock for my Rampside, I found that it did not work. After some investigation I found that I had no power the clock. Thinking that I had cut the power wires by misalignment the hole in the dash I took the clock off the dash. I found no sign of any damage and checked the wire for continuity. It showed to be ok. Not seeing anything I put it back to gather, only to find it still did not work. Investigating still further I finally saw the problem. The Part of the Housing where the movement is located had no ground. What had happened was that I had painted the housing including the tiny screws holding the front and rear housings together. With no path for the current to flow the clock would not work. I simply scrapped the paint off the screws and their holes. The clock has worked perfectly since. If you have converted to quartz movement I highly recommend it. They seem to keep perfect time.

If you do a quartz movement conversion remember the early clock reset knob screws on, unlike the late which pulls off. The hardest part is getting the courage to pull off the clock hands. They have to come off for the conversion. That's ok because that gives you an opportunity to paint the hands so they are orange again (none of the clock hands were pink or white). Be sure to keep the instructions handy when you reassemble. The written instructions are not to great but the picture is excellent. Everything in the kit fits like it was made for the clock. If it doesn't on your clock then something is wrong.

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