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1963 Corvair Stripe Option Literature

Corvair Earns Its Stripes
Below are the scanned in images of the literature on the 1963 Corvair striping option. The images that contain unreadable text now have the text shown in html show you can read it. Thanks to William R. Stanley for color copying his original literature and sending it to me.

GM sales literature to the dealers.

Corvair Stripes Page 1.
Corvair Stripes Page 2.
Corvair Stripes Page 3.
Corvair Stripes Page 4.
Corvair Stripes Page 5.
Corvair Stripes Page 6.

Dealer order form.

No, it is not available now!
Order form Page 1.
Order form Page 2.
Order form Page 3.

Ad for stripe option.

Ad for strips.

Radio spot ad copy.

Radio spot ad.

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