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Hose cutting Tech Tip

By Tim Palmer

In my quest to repair and update my 62 Corvair’s air conditioning system (a subject for a later article) I found the need to cut the air conditioning hoses to length. Having performed this function years ago I was dreading the operation. I decided this time I would save some blood shed and possibly some fingers. I would purchase a hose cutter. I went to the local Steve’s Wholesale Tool and found they had no idea what a hose cutter was but they showed me some of their other cutting devices. Being cheap, I decided a cheap pair of PVC cutters might do the job. For about $6 I purchased them. This is the best $6 I have spent in a while. They cut the hose with ease and make a nice straight cut. They will also cut fuel hose, vacuum hose and windshield washer hose. This is a good tool to have in your tool box. Oh, the box says they will cut PVC pipe also, but I haven’t tested that yet.

NOTE: This article was written many years ago when real hose cutters were hard to come by. The tip still works and beats using a pocket knife! I still don’t have a real hose cutter.

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